2020 has seen many people and organizations, de-funded, de-platformed (kicked off of popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter) People are scared, broke and confused as to the future financial health of their families. Many developers have lost projects because their client's income has been cut off. This is Capitalism and unfair business practices at work.

GET FREE: Here is a site that will help you choose the best GNU/Linux operating system based on what you need.

There are tactical and logistical efforts we can use to create value within our communities, and we do that by cooperating, not competing.

CoopGuide will work to reveal the achievable dreams of Cooperators, not just list profiles. Come meet us at the Weekly Show and Tell with Agaric - skillshare and discussions.

Agaric is a worker-owned web technology cooperative since 2006 - One member = One vote. Here are a few links to free software tools and some cooperative networks  recommended for learning more about being a tech worker-owner.  You may add resource links in the comments!

Recommended blog post - Free software that Agaric uses daily


"Find It Program Locator" a Drupal Distribution on GitLab

Website built on the Find It Platform with the City of Cambridge, MA

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Get Involved with IEEE SAOPEN - brought to us by
Become a member of the Community Advisory Group. We are starting the process to set standards for free and open source software. Tech and Organic voices are necessary!