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From digital collaboration spaces for health and science communities to publishing platforms to opportunity finders for city residents, we love to do the hard work that supports people doing the harder work of making the world better. Some of our best work is done when we just ensure that the world can see an the great work done by Organizations around the globe.
From our founding in 2006, our approach has been to deeply engage with the needs of our clients and collaborate with free/libre open source software communities to craft solid, sustainable solutions for all.
We always love to provide training and to build our clients' capacity to take more control over their web presence. By building on software that belongs to everyone and has large communities, we ensure organizations we work with have options and room to grow. By eagerly and expertly teaching whatever people are willing to learn, from basic organizational security to migrating data to software development to content strategy, we stay true to our purpose of giving people and organizations more power to do good.
Web design, Ongoing site maintenance, Business analysis, Strategic planning, Project management, Cyber security, Web development, Advanced programming
Site maintenance, Technical support
Meeting facilitation, Consensus based decision making, Marketing, Community organizing, Documentation, Communications, Networking, Speaking at events, Webinar host - facilitator, Outreach
Front end - HTML, CSS/SASS, JS, Front end JS Frameworks - React (w/ Bootstrap + Material UI), Back end - JavaScript (Node.js)
Jekyll, Hugo, Grav, Gatsby, Eleventy
React, Django, Angular, Node.JS
MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, SQL, SQLite
Video chat hosting, Webinar and event hosting
People come to Agaric to solve difficult challenges with the sites. We specialize in data migrations mostly Drupal related, but we are experts in migrating data from most databases.
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Geek. Makes pretend they know something about DevOps.
Agaric, LLC
Web development
United States
Web hosting, Ongoing site maintenance, Business analysis, Strategic planning, Project management, Web development
Linux, OpenWRT, Android
MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres
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David Brinovec
My name's Dave and I've been interested in co-ops for at least a decade. I've been looking to find others who share this interest, but so far nothing has really come of it. In the meantime I work as a lead cloud systems engineer for OpenText, where I support the cloud infrastructure of a few of their applications that run on AWS and one in GCP. Lately my focus there has been on devops technologies like Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker. Linux has been my operating system of choice for a very long time now. I had a brief yet intense run with the Democratic Socialists of America, where I helped to found the current Cleveland chapter. This was essentially a crash course in democratic participation within a group. Beyond all that, in my free time I tinker with everything from Raspberry Pi and Arduino based SBCs to running Linux machines that make up and support my ever growing home network.
DevOps, Server management, Troubleshooting, Infrastructure, Technical support, Storage
Python, BASH, C, Shell scripting, Containers & microservices, DNS management, Ansible, Mainframes
Community organizing, Office administration, Outreach
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Hacker: 20
Cristina Munoz
I'm a free software developer and hacker for hire, organizing for collective liberation. My focuses are infrastructure, security engineering, backend development, and offensive security.
Database management, Site maintenance, Network architecture, DevOps, Server management, Network security, Training, Infrastructure, Security
Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, BASH, Shell scripting, Software architecture, Containers & microservices, DNS management, Database administration, Kubernetes, Ansible
Meeting facilitation, Project management, Speaking at events
MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, SQL, SQLite
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I'm relatively versatile, doing front-end, back-end and operations.
On the backend I use Rust, I've got a fair bit of Elixir experience too (I currently have an app running in production at Unfortunately, you can't see much if you're not a broker that signed up for the service)
On the frontend I use Svelte (JS) or Alpine.js, and Tailwind (CSS).
On the ops side, I'm a big fan of NixOS.
Algorithms, Database design, Database management, Documentation, DevOps, Server management, Usability, Infrastructure
Javascript, Rust, Elixir, Nix (NixOS)
Front end (Svelte kit) / back end (Rust, Elixir)
Linux, Apple
Postgres, SQLite
Using and deploying open source tools.
I do some work, regarding packaging of open source tools for NixOS. Usually I know many different open source tools and how to deploy them. For organizing a project, I can suggest and manage existing open source tools to get the job done.
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Jorge Benet
Visual Artist. I've done photography, video and interactive installations.
Political and Social Science Studies. Now I'm beginning to do research.
6+ years being part and working in a tech-cooperative.
Creative Services - Graphic / Content / Writing / Social Media, Website/Mobile app design and development, Translation, Documentation, Project management
Photo and video recording and editting.