The Greater Boston Chamber of Cooperatives is dedicated to strengthening and expanding the greater Boston cooperative economy through education, advocacy, and collaboration among its member organizations.
Through shared resources and cross-sector collective action, we are working to build a more just, democratic, and sustainable economy.

To accomplish this mission, The Chamber will work in the following channels:

  1. Education: Foster opportunities for member education within and among cooperative entities in areas of management, democratic process, and cooperative development, incubation of new cooperatives, and broader movement building.
  2. Marketing: Raise the profile of cooperative businesses and the benefits of the cooperative model among the general public.
  3. Networking: Provide opportunities for collaborations within and across sectors and contribute to building a thriving cooperative ecosystem in the greater Boston area. 
  4. Advocacy: Serve as an effective voice for cooperative business on legislative, business, social, governmental, and community issues affecting the cooperative economy.